Tachyon Energy Pt. VII


Shifting Consciousness


Most people exist in a fragmented, horizontal energy system. Becoming vertical in our energy flow is a way of accelerating our shift in consciousness. Through the use of a special Tachyonized tool called the "vortex pendant," there is a way to shift into a vertical state. This allows many people to access the benefits of verticality. This is a boon to the spiritual seeker. When we’re vertical we feel more "connected," and aligned with the cosmic process in our everyday lives. By learning how to use Tachyon Energy, we can learn to restructure our system back to its natural, vertical state. The beauty of the Quality of OneTM workshop, created by David Wagner, is that one learns to work with the TachyonizedTM Vortex Pendant and various techniques that assist the verticalization process. This gives the seeker a real opportunity to integrate the wonderment of this higher dimensional alignment in a way that enhances and acts as a divine feedback system. This encourages one to continue and evolve on their spiritual path.



Tachyon Summary


Tachyonized materials are permanent antennae, that are able to focus Tachyon Energy. With Tachyon energy, the entire complex of subtle and physical levels of the Energetic Continuum can receive access to all information needed for self-healing. For every energy obstruction, disharmony, energy deficiency, or lack of order in our body-mind-spirit complex, we can find the suitable solution through Tachyon Energy. Since the body-mind-spirit complex itself decides which effects it permits, the results of applying Tachyon Energy are always positive. It is possible to apply so much Tachyon to your energetic system that it begins a detoxification process. Remember, Tachyon energy creates order out of disorder, thus harmful results are not possible.

The evidence is clear that Tachyon is the technology of the future. It offers the potential to evolve through chaos into new levels of order. It will elevate our consciousness and give us back the balance ne3ded to experience the insights necessary for creating peace. The truth is Tachyon cannot change the world, but we as individuals can. It’s not too late. If each of us could find the place of love, peace and balance that Tachyon brings into our lives, we would change the world.

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