Tachyon Energy Pt. VI


The Moment of Truth


In the chaos/order theory, there is a term called the bifurcation point. This is the point of overwhelm; the point or moment of truth in which the body either breaks down, i.e. manifests disease, or there is a movement towards better health; elevating the body to a higher level of order. In the past, how the body was going to react to this bifurcation point was always a mystery. Would it move towards order and health or spend an inordinate amount of time in chaos or disease?

Today, with the breakthrough of Tachyon energy, we have discovered a way to influence the direction a being’s system will go. Tachyon balances and energizes the SOEFs affecting the being’s entire system. At that moment of truth when a bifurcation point happens,, a gland, organ, or system can attune itself to a higher state of order, and evolve through the bifurcation point into a higher level of order. When an energetic system passes through a bifurcation point, and if the system’s SOEFs are energized and balanced using Tachyon Energy, that energetic system will move toward health.

In 1990, David Wagner developed specialized tools and techniques that can cause a bifurcation of an energetic system during a treatment administered by a trained Tachyon Practitioner. With the advanced application of Tachyonized tools and reconnection of the being’s system to the Energetic Continuum, the trained Practitioner is able to help the "body-mind-spirit" complex move towards a higher level of order and health. However, you don’t have to be a trained Practitioner to experience the life-enhancing benefits of Tachyon Energy. Anyone can begin benefitting from Tachyonized tools by simply applying Tachyon Energy to a localized area. Whatever frequency is needed is converted into biological energy by the SOEFs, so that the body may heal itself. Following is an actual example.


"Eight weeks ago, I sprained my ankle sustaining a sever injury including swelling, bruising and pain, incapacitating me from bearing weight on that ankle. An orthopedic surgeon who examined my foot suggested I have X-rays taken because of the amount of bruising present, which led him to believe I had fractured my ankle. The X-rays were negative. This type of injury would ordinarily take at least two to four weeks to completely and comfortably bear weight. After two days of using Tachyonized cells and a Tachyonized sports wrap, the swelling was completely gone, and I was able to hop up and down on the previously injured ankle totally pain free!"

- Christina Cummings, M.D.


Illness or disorder is a blockage in the flow of energy through the Energetic Continuum. A block in the emotional body, for example, would create an energy deficiency all the way down the continuum into the physical body. One may experience this deficiency as pain, possibly in the lower lumbar area. This back pain will continue to escalate as long as the block exists. It follows that this block is what needs to be cleared. The block is defined, in essence, as a disorder or chaos in the Energetic Continuum causing an energy deficiency. The blockage could be physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual. These blockages are directly responsible for the energy deficiency that create chaos, disorder and disease in the physical body. Tachyon Energy, being the source of energy that organizes and energizes SOEFs provides the potential to clear blockages restoring energetic balance. Tachyon energy creates an anti-entropy effect. It organizes that which is disorganized. Tachyon realigns and restores SOEFs to their natural state of order and balance, thus creating good health.


A wonderful example of Tachyon’s negative entropy (balancing) effect can be demonstrated using two rose buds, cut from a bush. Rose "A" is placed into plain distilled water. Rose "B" is placed into pure TachyonizedTM Water. Rose "A" opens, the stem collapses, and the flower wilts after 2 � days. This represents the normal life expectancy of the variety of rose used in this experiment. The water for Rose "A" is then replaced with pure TachyonizedTM Water. As a result, the stem becomes erect and Rose "A" reopens for another three days. Meanwhile, rose"B", which has been sitting in the TachyonizedTM Water, opens and remains fresh for nine days without any signs of wilting. The TachyonizedTM Water charges the SOEFs of Rose "B," which actually slows the effects of the aging (positive entropy) process. Further observation of the stem of Rose "B" demonstrates quicker-than-normal root development. After eight more days, the stem was planted and a new rose bush was the outcome.

Research has proven the Tachyonization process. The possibilities for balancing our world are truly endless. As a company, we are devoted to providing you with the best tools possible. We also offer you the opportunity of having your personal articles and tools custom Tachyonized.

The world has now begun to embrace its future. Many companies from around the world, including the United States, Japan, Germany and England, are using our joint venture "Heal the Planet" program. This program allows the TachyonizationTM of other companies’ products, or the use of Tachyonized specialty products in the manufacturing of new products that will help heal the planet. A good example is Vita-PurTM, a live enzyme drink derived from kombucha mushrooms specially grown in a custom-developed Tachyonized field. This European drink also contains TachyonizedTM Water. Another example is the Phone~CellTM, which was specifically developed in a joint venture with Japan and Germany to eliminate the negative effects of cellular phones. Through joint ventures, new products can be developed for correctly aligned companies. If you have an idea that would benefit the world, please contact us.

On a cosmic level, when we start looking at the whole energetic structure of the body, mind, spirit and emotional complex, attunement with Tachyon Energy enhances our connection with the Energetic Continuum at the highest level. Ultimately, attunement enhances our communion with the Divine. When we are attuned or aligned with Tachyon Energy in a particular way that makes the higher cosmic energies more accessible to us, we are more likely to make choices for healing when we reach the bifurcation point. Tachyon Energy has the potential to balance not only the micro levels of being, but also help restore the body, mind, and spirit alignment within the macro systems.


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