Tachyon Energy Pt. V


Joyous Life as a Super Conductor


Once upon a time, science and spirituality split; each following its own path towards the source of existence. Tachyon is a synergistic energy, merging the scientific and spiritual paths back into "oneness." unfolding our spiritual potential, attaining harmony in all areas of life, and establishing radiant health are natural goals, Achievement of these goals is directly dependent upon how well our Subtle Organizing Energy Fields convert Tachyon Energy into all the various frequencies flowing through all the subtle levels of our being and then finally into our physical body. We do not have to turn ourselves into something we really are not. Instead, we can become "super conductors." sin science, a super conductor is a material that has no resistance to the flow of energy. What we must try to do in terms of achieving optimal health is create a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body that is a super conductor. This means having no resistance to the flow of cosmic energy coming into our life through the Energetic Continuum.

From the spiritual side, we have to realize that we are co-creators in our state of health. If we do not create any blockages in the flow of energy going through our system, our spiritual potential can unfold. We are able to establish radiant health in our lives and consequently, higher levels of joy. As super conductors, we reach for a state of optimal health and the highest level of order in the process of "order-chaos-order-chaos-order." This process is what happens when we clear blockages using Tachyon.. Each block we clear adds to the joy of the cosmic energy flowing through us. We can literally feel this happen. As we repeatedly experience it (and experience the Divine Energy consistently filling us with joy, peace and contentment), we begin to understand that we are part of the Divine Energy.

We have choices in our lives that we have to make. Do we choose to create a lifestyle, a diet, a way of being in the world that helps us become more of a super conductor? Or, do we choose to ignore the laws of nature and the Divine - in essence creating more chaos, entropy and degeneration in our lives? How do we make these choices? Is it only a conscious choice or are there other factors taking place that influence this very critical life-enhancing or life-depleting decision? What determines whether we choose to become more of a super conductor or less of a super conductor for the Energetic Continuum? The answer lies in the moment of truth.



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