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The Free Energy Era


The discovery of Free Energy and its astonishing potential began with the revolutionary inventions of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). In 1931, Tesla’s "energy converter" powered a Pierce Arrow (a very heavy and luxurious motor car) up to speeds of 80 miles per hour for extended periods of time. Tesla had invented an alternative to AC generators. The problems resulting fro the use of fossil fuels might have been solved as early as the 1930's had the political and business climates been receptive. Was he actually tapping Tachyon Energy? We may never know.

Another pioneer in Free Energy research was Dr. T. Henry Moray, who succeeded in developing a converter that weighed only 28 kilograms and had a power capacity of 50 kilowatts. Upon presenting his invention to the U.S. Patent Office, it was confirmed that the converter functioned perfectly and generated 50 kilowatts of power with no visible energy source. However, wince the energy source was invisible and untraceable, the application for patent was denied. Although this story sounds incredibly close-minded, it actually happened. Like Tesla before him, Moray was stopped by powerful, and short-sighted, political and economic forces.


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