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The most widely known system of Reiki is known as the Usui system of Reiki. It is named after Mikao Usui, the gentleman who originated the system approximately a century ago. It is from this system of Reiki that practically all other systems have originated from. The Usui system of Reiki is also referred to many as the traditional system. When someone advertises that they are a Reiki master or a Reiki practitioner they are generally referring to this system of Reiki unless that otherwise specified. Two of the more widely known and respected "contemporary" systems of Reiki are Karuna Reiki and Tera-Mai Reiki. You will find more information on both of these systems on their respective pages. Simply follow one of the links below and you will be taken to the page of your choice.

I have also included on this page, a note about the various systems of Reiki. For those who are confused about the different systems and the claims that are often made, I would highly recommend reading this.


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A Note About the Various Systems of Reiki


The Karuna and Tera-Mai systems of Reiki are just two of many new systems of Reiki that have emerged over the past decade. It can often be overwhelming to people new to Reiki when seeing the number of different systems of Reiki and reading the different claims that each of these systems makes. While certain beliefs and practice's change from system to system, the primary difference between the different systems is going to be the frequency of the energy that is channeled. This change in frequency causes the energy to have a different feel to it, while also causing different systems to target slightly different aspects of ourselves. While all systems of Reiki work on the totality of who we are, certain systems will inevitably work better on certain areas than others due to the frequency at which they operate.

The majority of these systems are wonderful examples of the nature by which Reiki works in the life of the practitioner. The Reiki energy always works toward the highest good of the person, be that the client or practitioner. This means that the Reiki energy will adapt to fit what is in that person's highest good. It is my belief that it is this adaptation of the energy that has brought about the various systems in use today. Most practitioners, who seriously work with the energy for any length of time, begin to make it their own. They add a bit of themselves to what they do and find what works best for them. This often includes new techniques, symbols, and sometimes even an altering of the attunement process. Often the practitioner decides to give the system of Reiki he or she teaches a name to differentiate it from the traditional system of Reiki and the other systems being taught. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, in fact, I believe this is doing a service to those interested in learning Reiki because they will know that what the practitioner is teaching is not the traditional system. Unfortunately, what often happens is that the practitioner's ego begins convincing him or her that their system is superior to all others, their judgement becomes clouded, and they stop working from a place of love and begin being driven by ego.

It is important for us to realize that these systems are gifts from Spirit and should be treated accordingly. In trying to control these gifts, in essence, we are trying to control Spirit.

Before deciding to learn any system of Reiki, I would highly recommend experiencing it. While I believe that the vast majority of these systems are quite valid and worthwhile, some systems will have a more profound effect than others, and you will find that you resonate with the energy and teachings of certain systems more so than others.

I hope this information has helped to clear up some of the confusion about the numerous systems of Reiki currently being taught.


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