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FAQ's on Learning Reiki


Reiki - How can learn it?

Learning Reiki requires no special skills, intelligence, experience, or religious beliefs. It is an ability that is in all of us. Consequently it can be learned by ANYONE from the seasoned "healer" to a small child. Anyone can learn Reiki and receive benefit from it in all areas of their life.


How long should I wait between levels?

This is an area of Reiki teachings where you will get a number of conflicting answers. Many teachers have a set time of "integration" between levels. For some it is a couple of months between the first and second levels and then up to a year between second and the master level. Others have a different time table. I believe it is up to each individual student to decide their own pace. I will never claim to know what is in a students best interests, and what a student is or isn't capable of handling. I am here in service, and when a student decides it is time for them to learn I do not believe it is my place to say otherwise. Because of this belief, I have no time limits between levels. Many of my students are able to go through the levels as quickly as I am able to set up the classes. Others require a period of adjustment between the levels, but either way they make their own decision.

I truly believe that at one time the waiting period was, without a doubt, needed. But today our vibration and the vibration of the planet has risen to a point that it does not seem to be as great a shock to our systems when we are opened up to the higher vibrational energies of Reiki.


Reiki Masters: Is there a difference ? How do I know who I should learn from?

Yes there can be quite a difference in what and how different Masters teach. The first thing you want to find out is which system of Reiki they are teaching. There are many different systems of Reiki being taught today. The original system is the Usui System of Natural Healing, also known as the Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho. However, there has never been any set curriculum or a National certification program, because of this the way in which Reiki is taught varies widely from Master to Master. When choosing a Master to learn from, it is always a good idea to talk with them first. Some of the questions you might want to ask them are:

  • What system of Reiki do you teach?

  • How long have you been teaching?

  • How much hands on practice time will I get?

  • What type of support can I expect after training?

  • Will I be allowed to audit classes in the future? Is there a fee for this?

  • How do you use Reiki in your daily life?

Once you have asked these questions and narrowed the list down a bit, the best advice I can give you is to go with your intuition. Decide on the one you have the best feeling about. Don=t worry about the closest one, the least expensive or most expensive one, any other factor. Pick the one who you had the best feeling about. If you do this you will be much happier with your training and get a lot more out of the class.


What is an "Attunement"?

Reiki is not learned in the way many other techniques are learned - through perhaps years of study, practice, and guidance. Instead it is transferred from the Reiki Master to the student during what is called an attunement. The attunement opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras as well as creates a very special link between the student and the Reiki source. Once attuned a student has the ability for life. It will never wear off and is impossible to lose. is an ability we all have within us. The attunement simply awakens it.

The attunement itself is an incredibly powerful and sacred process. During the attunement, as in a session, the Master acts only as a channel for the energies allowing the energy to guide itself and make adjustments for each student as needed. Because of this, the experience is always different from attunement to attunement and from person to person depending on where each student is in their growth and what that student needs and is ready to receive.


Preparing for an Attunement

I often have people ask me what they should do to prepare for the attunements received during class. Below I have a list of some things that can be done prior to the attunements. If done, the following things help to keep your vibration high and purify your system. These are by no means mandatory, and whether you do all of them or none of them, the end result of the attunement will be the same. The only difference is that by doing some or all of the following, you may heighten the experience during the attunement and possibly aid in lessening the chances of experiencing a period of detox as a result of the attunement.


1. If you smoke use any type of tobacco product, cut back as much as possible on the day of the attunement. If at all possible, do not use them at all on the day of the attunement.

2. Cut back on drinking any caffeinated beverages in the days prior to the attunement, and completely on the day of the attunement. Caffeine tends to throw the nervous and endocrine systems out of balance. Caffeine, being a stimulant, causes peoples minds to wander and keeps them from being able to hold their focus for long periods of time.

3. Spend time alone. Go for walks out in nature.

4. Refrain as much as possible from eating any meat, fish, or fowl in the days prior to the attunement. Any of these foods require huge amounts of the body=s energy to digest and can take days to completely metabolize. Because of this, they slow down the rest of the bodies systems. These foods also often contain drugs such as antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones that throw the whole system completely out of balance.

5. Meditate daily the week prior to the attunement(30 min. is sufficient). If you do not meditate simply spend this time in silence contemplating. Get in touch with yourself. Pay attention to the sensations you feel and impressions you receive.

6. Reduce the amount of time spent watching television, reading the newspaper, and listening the radio.

7. If possible eat primarily organic fruits, vegetables, etc. in the days prior to the attunement.

8. Refrain from using any unnecessary drugs( i.e., illegal substances, aspirin, cough medicine, etc.)

9. Drink no alcohol in the days prior to the attunement

10. Stop eating any sweets. Sugar wreaks havoc on our energetic system.

11. If you are experienced in fasting. Consider a water or juice fast prior to the attunement(1-3 days).

Again...these are NOT mandatory they are merely suggestions. Follow your guidance when deciding which if any of them to go by.


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