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Reiki Class/Level Descriptions

Although you will find certain variances between Reiki Masters, Reiki is generally taught in three levels. Some teachers have taken the third or Masters level and broken it up into multiple levels. The system I teach consists of the three traditional Reiki levels as well as an Advanced Reiki Training class taught in conjunction with the masters class. Below you will find a description of each level and what is taught in those classes.

Reiki I & IIReiki I & II
Advanced Reiki TrainingAdvanced Reiki Training
Reiki III/Master-TeacherReiki III/Master-Teacher
Karuna ReikiKaruna Reiki�


Reiki I & II

I generally teach Reiki I & II in a weekend intensive. This gives the student all the tools they will need as a Reiki practitioner. The class is a mixture of explanation and discussion with plenty of hands on experience for students. The Reiki I & II class consists of:

Reiki I

  • The history of Reiki

  • An introduction to the Energy Anatomy

  • An explanation of the principal of how energetic healing , in general, works

  • An explanation of what Reiki is, the nature by which it works, and what it can be used for

  • A description of how to give a complete self-treatment

  • The Reiki I Attunement

Reiki II

  • The Reiki II symbols and a complete description of their uses.

  • The Reiki II Attunement

  • Explanation of how to give a complete Reiki session with ample practice time

  • Releasing unwanted habits

  • Complete description of various methods of doing distance healings with practice time

  • Scanning for energetic disturbances in the energy field

  • Beaming Reiki


**A detailed 134 page manual is included in the class**

Students may audit the class as many times as they would like on a donation basis only.



See Class Schedule for Upcoming Trainings



Advanced Reiki Training

This class is generally taught as part of a three day intensive along with the Masters training. It may be taken alone, but is a prerequisite for the Masters Class. In this class the students will be taught several techniques not part of the traditional system of Reiki. These techniques serve to enhance the students' work, while also giving them additional tools to work with and learn from. In this class the students receive:

  • The Usui Master symbol which, similar to the other symbols, can be used for healing, but at a much higher vibration, as well as increasing the effectiveness of other symbols

  • Usui Master Attunement which dramatically increases the amount of energy able to be channeled

  • Reiki moving meditation

  • Reiki meditation to increase your ability to visualize, expand your consciousness, increase, even more, your effectiveness as a healer, achieve goals, and more

  • The use of crystals and Reiki as well as how to create a Reiki grid that will continuously send Reiki to you and others

  • Reiki Etheric Surgery, a powerful technique, a powerful technique that allows the student to remove negative energy that might normally take multiple sessions to release


**A detailed 20 page manual is included with the class**

Students may audit the class as many times as they wish on a donation basis only


Investment: $200

See Class Schedule for Upcoming Trainings



Reiki III-Master/Teacher

The Masters Training is a two day intensive. This class opens the student fully to the Reiki ray of energy, allowing them to channel the full amount of energy during sessions. They will receive all the necessary information and training needed to become successful teachers; however, this class is not only for those wishing to become teachers, but is for anyone wishing to have full access to the Reiki energy, move forward on their spiritual path, be able to attune family and/or friends, or is considering becoming a teacher of Reiki. Deep and profound healings often arise as a result of this class and the growth that comes(both personal and spiritual) that comes along with it. Students have the opportunity to give and receive multiple attunements from each other. This helps to further refine the Reiki energies and increase, even more, the personal and spiritual growth realized as a result of the class. The Masters Training consists of:

  • Two Tibetan symbols(this gives the Reiki Master a total of six symbols to use in their healing work)

  • The full Usui/Tibetan Master attunement

  • Complete instruction on how to give all the attunements including the Reiki Master attunement, with ample practice time

  • Information on other attunement methods used by some Masters

  • An extremely powerful meditation that opens, widens, and harmonizes the energy pathways and chakra system

  • Instruction how to give a healing attunement. An attunement that can be used on those not initiated into the Reiki energy to assist in deep healings.


**A detailed 62 page manual is included with the class**

Students may audit the class as many times as they wish on a donation basis only


Investment: $600

See Class Schedule for Upcoming Trainings



Karuna Reiki


The Karuna Reiki7 Class is a three day intensive. This class is only for those who have already completed the mastership training in another system of Reiki. For a detailed description of what Karuna Reiki7 is see the section on Karuna Reiki7. This class includes:

  • A total of 8 practitioner symbols with detailed descriptions and discussions of their uses

  • 2 attunements

  • A total of 4 Master symbols

  • Instruction on how to give a full Karuna Reikisession with plenty of practice time for all students to both give and receive sessions

  • Instruction in how to give all the Karuna Reiki attunements with students having the opportunity to both give and receive multiple attunements

  • Chanting and Toning with Karuna Reiki


**A detailed 45 page manual is included with the class**

Students may audit the class as many times as they wish on a donation basis only


Investment: $800

See Class Schedule for Upcoming Trainings


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