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Reiki and Bodyworkers

The incorporation of Reiki into any type of bodywork, be that massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, or any other type of hands on work, is an incredible marriage. While either Reiki or Bodywork alone will and does bring about wonderful results, the marriage of the two is a match made in heaven. The benefits received by both the client and the practitioner from this union can often be quite profound.

The incorporation of Reiki is actually quite simple. It requires no additional techniques to be used during your work. Once having completed the training, it takes only your intent for the Reiki energy to begin flowing. After that you simply continue your normal routine with your client. The energy will continue flowing throughout the session until you make a conscious intent for it to stop. As I covered in the section on How Reiki Works we are beings of energy. What happens to us energetically effects us on the physical level, and what happens to us on the physical level, effects us energetically. For the most part, when a bodyworker is working on a client they are working on a purely physical level. Again, as stated in the section on How Reiki Works, we can rarely effect a true "healing" by working on only one aspect of ourselves. One can attain some results, often relieving the physical symptom(s) temporarily, but rarely is there anything long-term accomplished. However, by incorporating Reiki, now the bodyworker is able to work not only on the physical (through muscle manipulation, bone manipulation, etc.) to achieve immediate results, but also the energetic to assist in affecting long-term, often very profound, results.

The client is not the only one who benefits from the incorporation of Reiki however. The practitioner also receives numerous benefits. Many of the benefits are stated in the section on Reiki for Personal and Spiritual Growth. There are, however, some additional benefits for bodyworkers that often make learning Reiki quite appealing. When a massage therapist, for instance, works on a client, they invariably use some of their own energy, often without being consciously aware of it. This is because their intent is to make the person feel good and help the person. Intent is a form of energy and very powerful (for an example of this you can do for yourself, see Intent). Because their intent is focused on helping the person, they are unknowingly sending them their energy throughout the entire session. This is why so many massage therapists tend to be exhausted after a few sessions. They have literally depleted themselves of energy. Another very common problem for massage therapists is the taking on of their clients illness, whatever that may be. This is because they have accidentally taken on the clients energy during the session. Which is another very common result of using ones own energy. Through the addition of Reiki, the therapist is no longer using his or her own energy. Instead they are channeling the Reiki energy through themselves during the session. This protects them from depletion of their own energies and from taking on the energies of their clients. I've used massage therapists as the example above, but this applies truly applies to anyone. When your intent is to help and your are doing hands on work with someone, you will invariably be sending them energy. By incorporating Reiki into what you are doing, you substitute the Reiki energy for your own, and protect yourself from both depleting your personal energy and taking on theirs.

As you can see, the incorporation of Reiki into any form of bodywork is truly a wonderful marriage. The benefits for both client and practitioner are numerous. These are only a few of the benefits. If you are a massage therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, or any other type of bodyworker, I urge you to consider adding Reiki to your current sessions. Your clients will definitely appreciate it, as I believe you will as well.


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