An Example of the Power of Intent

For anyone who has done any reading into some of the more esoteric disciplines, such as Shamanism, Wicca, Energy Medicine, Eastern philosophies, etc., it quickly becomes obvious that there are many common underlying themes. One of the most predominant ones is the Power of Intent. Intent is the vehicle by which we are able to focus and direct our energies. It is still one of the least understood aspects of ourselves, however, it is by far one of the most important. As we learn more about the power of intent and how to use it effectively, the possibilities for what we will be able to accomplish skyrocket. Below you will find a fun yet powerful example of the power of our intent and the effects it has on the outside world.

What you will need: Needle & Thread(approx. 18 inches)


  1. Run the thread through the eye of the needle and tie a knot so that the needle will hang freely from the thread.

  2. Hold the end of the thread with your dominant hand allow the needle to hang over the palm of your other hand.

  3. Think or INTEND for the needle to begin moving in a circle clockwise. (The needle will begin to move)

  4. Once you are satisfied it is moving clockwise and are ready, think or INTEND for it to STOP! (The needle will stop. Depending on the force of your intent it may stop almost instantaneously!)

  5. INTEND for the needle to begin moving counter-clockwise.

  6. When you are ready again think STOP!

  7. Now that you have the hang of with it.. the needle will follow every intent you give it.

  8. After each intent you give it strongly intend for the needle to stop and it will.

What do you think? I hope your beginning to understand the effect our intent can have on not only the outside world, but on ourselves as well.


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