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Welcome to the Energetic Arts Website! I would like to personally welcome you to this website which is dedicated to the energetic arts. I hope you find it as enjoyable and informative as I have tried to make it. In these pages you will find information on the energy systems that I personally have had the opportunity to experience and learn. This includes a wealth of information on Reiki, information on Urevia�, Tachyon energy as it applies to the area of energetic healing and pain reduction, and a truly evolutionary energy system known as the EMF Balancing Technique� that is here to assist with our spiritual evolution. I've also included a section on books, which you can purchase directly from this site,  that I highly recommend on energetic healing and spirituality, as well as links to other sites you might enjoy.

Be sure to come back often as these pages are constantly being updated and enhanced with new information as it becomes available.

Table of Contents

Information on what Reiki is, how it works, various systems being taught, experiencing a session, Reiki and spiritual growth

EMF Balancing Technique�
An evolutionary energy system designed to aid us in integrating Spirit and Biology. Background information, Certification and Training, Personal Growth.

Tachyon Energy 
A non-frequency based energy that is truly remarkable in the area of pain reduction and much much more.

Services Offered
From private sessions to distant healing, a list of a many of the services offered by Energetic Arts.

Class Schedule
A schedule of some of my upcoming classes, cost, and information on how to have me come teach in your area.

About John
Some information on who I am, my history, and some other things I thought you might want to know.

Book Recommendations
A comprehensive list of books you can purchase directly from this site that I have personally found to be of great value!

You are invited to leave your comments on this site. They are most welcomed and appreciated. While you are here, read what others before you have had to say.



John Buchanan

Certified EMF Balancing Technique Practitioner/Teacher
Usui/Tibetan/Karuna/Tera-Mai Reiki Master/Teacher
Certified Tachyon Practitioner
Spiritual Counselor
Urevia Pracitioner
Crystal Therapist

Mansfield, TX.



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