Private Energy Sessions



Private Healing Session

Private healing sessions generally run from 1� to 2 hours total and include the initial consultation,  table work, and a post table work discussion. The energetic modalities used are dependent upon the needs of the particular client. Some of the modalities that may be used include energies of various systems of Reiki, Urevia�, tachyon energy products, and crystal therapy. Additional techniques that may be used would include Etheric Surgery, various pranic healing techniques, core entrainment, Hara-line connection,  and other advanced energy techniques.

Investment $70.00



EMF Balancing Technique Single Session

The EMF Balancing Technique� single sessions generally run from 45 minutes to 1 hour total and include the same initial consultation, table work, and post table work discussion as found in the regular private healing sessions. The client will receive one of the four phases in this system. Clients must begin with phase I and progress up to phase IV, once the client has completed all four phases he or she may then receive any phase needed at any time.

Investment $50.00



EMF Balancing Technique Double Session

The EMF Balancing Technique� double sessions generally run approximately 1� hours total. The double sessions allow clients to move through the phases faster with fewer sessions making it easier on clients schedules but without losing any of the effectiveness of the single phase sessions. There is also a price reduction for the double sessions.

Investment $75.00




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