Distant Healing Sessions Offered


Distant healing can be a powerful way to bring about change in ones life. When done correctly a distant healing session can be just as powerful, and sometimes more so, than a session done in person, and often in much less time. Below you will find a list of some of the distant healing services we lovingly offer. If you are interested in any of the below listed services, simply email us and we will assist you in determining what is going to be the most beneficial for you.

As always..if you or someone you know is in need of having energy sent to them due to an emergency etc. and would like to be placed on our Energy Grid and have energy sent to them this is done gladly, with love, and at no cost. Simply send your request along with the persons name, location, and situation to us by email.

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EMF Balancing Technique� Phone Session

The phone sessions are always done as single sessions and run the same as a single session in person, between 45 minutes and 1 hour. The process is the same over the phone as when being done in person, the client will start with phase I and progress through phase IV. Once through all four phases the client may then go back through particular phases as needed.

Investment $50.00



Private Distance Healing

The private distance healing is virtually the same as the private healing session done in person. It begins with a telephone consultation followed by the in-depth energy work and ending with another telephone discussion. The full process takes from 1� to 2 hours. The energetic methods that may be used are identical to those found in the in-person private session.

Investment $70.00



Week-long Group Distance Reiki Healing

This form of distance healing uses what are known as "Reiki Stacks". Reiki stacks allow you to send Reiki energy to multiple people at the same time. Another exciting benefit of stacks is that the energy sent is amplified exponentially depending on the number of people in the stack. This allows for more clients to be treated in a shorter amount of time, often with more powerful results than would be attained through an individual distance Reiki healing. With this option the client is placed in a Reiki stack and sent energy for one full business week, Monday - Friday.   The client is also placed on the Energetic Arts energy grid and sent energy 24 hrs a day for one full 7 day week, Monday - Sunday. Through the combination of both these two methods of distant work the client is exposed to large amounts of healing energies through the course of the week which can assist him or her in making great strides forward. This option also  requires no time out of the clients day as there is no appointment needed.

Investment $70.00



Month-Long Group Distance Reiki Healing

This option includes all the same methods used in the week-long group distance Reiki healing except with this option the client gets the benefits of these healing energies for 4 weeks instead of only one. Twenty total days of Reiki stack involvement and 28 continual days of energy being sent via the Energetic Arts energy grid. This can allow for very profound results to occur. The client also receives a substantial discount on the price of this work for the Month-Long Healing.

Investment $210.00



Private Distance Healing & Week-Long Reiki Intensive

\This last option includes the benefits of both the full private distance healing and the week-long distance Reiki healing. The client is immersed in the healing energies for 1 week along with an in-depth private distance healing session using all available techniques to achieve the best possible results. The combination of both these to options enhances their effectiveness significantly.

Investment $120.00





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