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The EMF Balancing Technique� Introductory Workshop


The "The Phoenix Factor" is a dynamic, contemporary system for the human energy field. The introductory workshop is a prerequisite for the basic training. Study the model of the "Universal Calibration Lattice." Learn how it functions and how it affects daily life and spiritual growth. Unique, personal energy exercises strengthen your connection to this lattice and enhance your co-creative abilities. Experience a "rewiring" of your energy field to accept the full charge of your being.

The Introductory Workshop contains important information for everyone. Radiating from the chakras are fibers of light and energy that form a latticework pattern within the energy anatomy. Channeled from Anya, a female form of light and energy, the understanding of this lattice offers important information. From beginner to advanced, we are all light technicians.

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Introductory Workshop : Schedule of the Day’s Events

Morning Session 10:00 am - 12:00 noon

"Understanding the Phoenix Factor"

1. ENERGY CIRCLE - connect to the cosmic lattice and begin the energetic alignment process


Kryon and magnetic you ...

Universal Calibration Lattice ...What does the energy pattern of Self enablement look like, and how does it work? Understanding this lattice enhances your individual growth process and amplifies the effects of any energy modality you may currently be practicing. (Reiki, Polarity, Therapeutic Touch, etc.)

EMF Balancing Technique ... overview of the energy system associated with the Universal Calibration Grid

Carbon Chemical Electrical Light ... what this means to you

3. SPIRAL SWEEP - a unique energy exercise designed to enhance your evolutionary process.

Afternoon Session 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

"Take Action ...Use the Energy"

1. ALTERNATING SWEEP - Energy exercise to actively co-create your reality

2. SHARING THE ENERGY ... applications for daily usage

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One Minute, One Step Rush

3. MINI ENERGY SESSION - Give and receive a mini energy session, you can do it! An empowering, powerful, loving and nurturing session - helps you to hold the full charge of your being.

4. SENSING - Finish the day with the beautiful energy of the sensing exercise and increase your intuition.


Investment - $110


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