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The Universal Calibration Lattice


Click here to see a full view of the Universal Calibration LatticeThe Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) is the aspect of the human energy anatomy that we are directly working with in the EMF Balancing Technique®. Just as the physical anatomy is made up of many different systems (i.e. circulatory system, lymphatic system, endocrine system, etc.), the energy anatomy too, has different systems. Most people have become familiar with the traditional view of the energy anatomy, meaning the chakras, meridians, etc.. Our knowledge of this part of ourselves dates back at least 2000 years, and it is this aspect of us that most, if not all, energetic modalities have been directly targeting and affecting up to this point in our evolution.

The UCL is an aspect of ourselves that has only recently(1989) become active in our fields. It is composed of fibers of light and energy. Looking at the picture to the left you can see there are fibers that radiate out from the chakras. These are not part of the chakra system but do radiate out from them. These horizontal fibers feed into the long vertical fibers that stretch from the center above (approximately 24" above the head), down to the center below (approximately 24" below the feet).

Different areas of the UCL have different functions. Stored electromagnetically within the fibers of the UCL is a record of all that our spirit has ever experienced as well as all of our hereditary patterns. In short, it contains, everything we came into this life with as well as all those things we have experienced during this life. Aside from containing all this the lattice also holds all those things still forming in our future. This includes all the fear filled and worry filled events that we all tend to create in our lives and all those things we are consciously working to manifest. The lattice also holds much more information but you can see just from the aforementioned,many of the aspects that we are directly working with when we target the UCL.

One could not begin to cover all the possible functions the UCL will play in our future, but we do know that it is through the use and strengthening of the UCL that we will be able to take advantage of all the wondrous possibilities available to us in the new energy.

Kryon, in his channelings(Kryon is a channeled entity. For more information on the teachings of Kryon see the book recommendations page), invites us to "carry the full charge of our being" and indeed we are all holding more of our full charge than ever before and this is increasing with each new day. The UCL is the key to being able to safely hold this increased energetic charge without "shorting out", and it is through the EMF Balancing Technique® that we are now able to target the UCL. By targeting the UCL we are able to in  effect "rewire" ourselves for this new energy and to facilitate the integration of Spirit and Biology.


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