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Certification and Training in The EMF Balancing Technique�



Basic Training

Phase I - Wisdom and Emotions
Balances the head and the heart. We as a people tend to either live our lives from our emotions or from our head, in this session we work to balance this so that a person can begin to live their life from a balanced perspective. This results in stress reduction and an energy pattern of freedom and well being. Involves verbal permission from the recipient to participate in and allow the healing process.

**Investment - $220**

Phase II - Self Direction and Support
Gracefully releases emotional issues. The energy stored in the events of your past are released and recycled into back into your system. This can be a very powerful session for someone with a large amount of emotional issues (i.e. anger, fears, depression, etc.) I often refer to this as turning the past from an anchor which tends to hold us back, into a column of wisdom from which we can gain enormous insight. The resulting new perspective promotes awareness of direction and support from within the Self, making more energy available to you now.

**Investment - $220**


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Advanced Training

Phase III and IV is where we often begin to see profound spiritual shifts because we have created the foundation to build upon during Phase I and II.

Phase III - Radiate Core Energy
Firmly anchors your core energy within you. This is the essence of who we are.  From this we gain spiritual intelligence. This allows the knowing from within to become more frequent. Aligns energy centers, allowing greater expression through the heart center. Hold your core of power and love in daily life (learning to "practice Mastery!".

**Investment - $220**

Phase IV - Energetic Accomplishment
Balance through the Future Potential Prism, a dynamic, creative connection and communication with future self. Here we bring into play all that we have learned and accomplished in the previous phases. We have reclaimed our energy from the past, anchored in our core energy in the present, now we learn to project that energy and empower those things which we wish to co-create or manifest in our lives (no more hit and miss, we "learn" how to achieve these things on a conscious day to day basis). This instills a great deal of confidence on ourselves that we have the tools and abilities to accomplish those tasks that lay ahead of us in this wondrous time!

**Investment - $330**


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Continuing Support

We provide support after certification, both on a personal and business level. This includes the availability of fliers and brochures as well as the Continuous Connection program, a series of meetings designed to help increase your skills and provide updated material.

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