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The Phoenix Factor
Tape Set


***I highly recommend this tape set!***

The tape set includes a booklet complete with illustrations for each part of the mini-session. You can learn to do this session!

Tape #1: Introduction (60 minutes)

Learn about the "Phoenix Factor," a model of the human energy anatomy composed of fibers of light and energy. Understand the pattern these fibers create and the energetic framework they provide. This tape Peggy Dubro herself explaining much of the theory behind the EMF Balancing Technique and the Universal Calibration Lattice.

Tape #2: Mini Energy Session (60 minutes)

Side (a) - Explore the connection between the endocrine system and the chakras. Strengthen your inner balance with a unique energy exercise called the Spiral Sweep ( a truly remarkable meditation!).
Side (b) - Hear step by step instructions on tape while following illustrations in the booklet as you learn to perform the graceful movements of The EMF Balancing Technique
� mini energy session.

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The Phoenix Factor Tape Set

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