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Experiencing an EMF Balancing Technique� Session


As with most one on one sessions be they energy sessions, or the more traditional sessions, the first thing we do is sit down and have a brief conversation with the client. This has a three folded effect. First, it gives the practitioner a chance to hear what the client has to say and learn a bit about where the client is coming from and what the consciously are telling them. The second thing that happens during this period is that the practitioner has a chance to feel what the client is telling him or her. To pick up, in essence, what the clients body is telling them energetically. Often this can tell the practitioner more than what he is being told verbally by the client. The last thing that happens is that a bond starts to form between the client and practitioner. The walls that we all put up during our day to day lives begin to slowly come down. This is vitally important, if the client does not trust and let us in, we cannot make much headway.

Once the initial conversation is concluded, the client lays on the massage table on his or her back. Depending on which session(s) are being done the client may remain on his or her back throughout the session or they may roll over at some point during the session. The steps performed are generally the same regardless of which session is being performed, but how those steps are accomplished differs from phase to phase (except for phase IV which is different than the previous three phases). The first thing done, is what is known as the body prep. This is done prior to any and all of the sessions and is always the same. This step basically gets the energy body moving and flowing. The next step is to clear, this could be clearing some of the main energy centers, it could be clearing the minor energy centers, or it could be clearing a part of the UCL depending on the phase being performed. The third step is to balance those areas of the energy body previously cleared. The last step is the closing which again, is generally the same from phase to phase.

This is a very over-simplified sketch of a typical EMF Balancing Session and is only intended to give you an idea of the general process involved. The reactions to these sessions very dramatically from person to person. They seem to depend on what they are ready for at that time. I personally have had clients that quite disoriented for the first 5 or 10 minutes following the session to the point they were unable to get up. She did not describe it as uncomfortable or worrisome at all, but instead was able to feel that a very dramatic shift in her energy body had occurred ( this particular lady had gone from being what most people term a normal everyday person to a very powerful channel in a matter of months!). At the same time, I have had clients that have finished with the session and felt very little. Again, it seems to depend on what they need and are ready for at that time in their lives.

For a fairly detailed idea of what each particular phase entails, please you can refer to my section on Training and Certification. The benefits of both the sessions and trainings are the same except for that the sessions experienced during the trainings are always much more powerful. This is because the student is having to adjust his or her energy body to be able to do this work for other people. This requires a much stronger calibration of their UCL to be able to do this. For this reason I highly recommend people taking the practitioner training. Even if they do not intend to use the training in a profession, but instead for their own personal growth.

To give you an idea of the amount of energy work done in a typical class, during the course of training in each phase of the EMF Balancing Technique, the students will each receive and give a total of 4 sessions. Each time a practitioner gives a session he or she is also receiving the benefits of that phase of the work. This means that in each phase the student is having a total of 4 sessions worth of work done on him or her. So, during the full basic training, which includes the introductory workshop, Phase I, and Phase II, the student will receive a total of 8 sessions worth of energy work in just 3 days! That, in my opinion, just screams of growth.

While, it is true that the sessions experienced during the training are much stronger than those that are experienced by the normal client, I don't want you to think the sessions experienced by the clients are not powerful themselves for they definitely are. Below is a written statement from the client of one of my first students. To give you some background on this student, she had completed the basic training about 2 weeks prior to working with this woman. She had very little background in energy work ( I was also her Reiki Master which she had also just recently completed a class).

"Due to traumatic childhood events, I was severely limited in my ability to function as an adult. After many years of psychotherapy I still suffered from a debilitating personality disorder. I was aware that I had self-limiting fears, but I was unable to overcome them.

After Phase II of the EMF Balancing Technique�, the most basic functions of daily living, previously unachievable, were now easily done. My fears had completely disappeared.

Within a few days after my EMF Balancing Technique� session, I was planning my new life. Within thirty days, I had my own business, a nice home, and the freedom to enjoy it.

I am eternally grateful to my EMF Balancing Technique� Practitioner, Patricia de Priest, R.N."

Cheryl D.
FlowerMound, TX.

While this does not happen with every session, it should hopefully show you the amazing results that are being obtained by people through the use of the EMF Balancing Technique� with little or no previous energy experience.

If you would like to experience an EMF Balancing Technique� first hand,  phone sessions are available.
Please see our section on Services Offered for further details!


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