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The EMF Balancing Technique� is the energy system designed to work directly upon an aspect of the human energy anatomy known as the "Universal Calibration Lattice" or "UCL" ( to understand fully what the EMF Balancing Technique� is, I would first recommend reading the section on the Universal Calibration Lattice). It is an amazingly simple, yet profoundly effective, systematic procedure anyone can learn.

The system itself is completely different than any other energy system that I have ever encountered, both in what is focused on during the session (the UCL), and what is the intended goal. Virtually all known energy systems in use today focus primarily on healing, hence the terms "Energy Medicine" or "Energy Healing". This is not to say that we shouldn't have much of our energy focused on healing, for that is absolutely not the case,  but we have moved into a time of enormous opportunities  for our own personal and spiritual growth. This is the focus of the EMF Balancing Technique�. While healings, often spontaneous healings, do occur from time to time as a result of these sessions, they are not the goal, merely an effect of integrating Spirit and Biology. Peggy Dubro, the originator of the EMF Balancing Technique� ( and a truly dear person) will not refer to her system as a system of healing, but instead as a system of Self-Enablement (notice the capital "S" in self  meaning our God-Self). The system utilizes the human to human effect upon the electromagnetic field and   consists of four separate phases. Each phase is a separate session and targets a specific aspect of the UCL, and thus achieves specific results ( for more information on the various phases refer to the section on Training and Certification ). Through the systematic process of releasing unnecessary energy patterns, strengthening our connection to the UCL, and finally calibrating or strengthening the UCL itself, we facilitate the integration of Spirit and Biology. To explain to you all of what can be expected from this system would be an impossible task, for when you begin to integrate Spirit and Biology, the outcome will never be the same from one person to the next.


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