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Peggy Dubro-Originator of the EMF Balancing Technique®


Peggy Phoenix Dubro is the co-founder of The Energy Extension, Inc. of Norwich, CT. She is also the channel for the "Phoenix Factor" information. This information contains a dynamic, contemporary model of the human energy field called the Universal Calibration Lattice, and its complementary energy system, the EMF Balancing Technique®. Over the past seven years, Peggy has developed a unique understanding of the human energy field as fibers of light and energy. This will be described in her upcoming book, "Spiritual Intelligence - The Gift of the Phoenix"


Twenty four years ago I had a deep desire to "remember God/Creator." At that time the popular meditation was to become a drop in the ocean and then for the drop to become the ocean. All the teachings of that time focused on the letting go of ego and reaching this unlimited space. No problem. I did indeed "remember" and in an overwhelming blast of energy I became "no beginning and no end." The combination of unlimited love and every cell being infused with light was not exactly what I expected. Problem: No one said "Don't forget to come back in." It seemed no one was even pondering the "how to" of it. Having had a 220-volt experience with my 110-volt wiring led to a 16-year period of searching to understand what had happened to me, and learning to function in the world again. That segment of my life I now jokingly refer to as "Confused by the Light."

Eight years ago, I once again became "no beginning and no end." Only this time I received a universal electromagnetic energy lattice from a female form of light. A year later (1989), when Kryon arrived, this lattice became activated, and my job (or contract as I now understand it) started to become clear to me. It was to interpret the lattice, learn how to use it, and teach others to use it. This project took six years to complete and led to the development of the four phase procedures of the EMF Balancing Technique ®. One very interesting event along the way, a collaboration with Sonalysts in an SBIR proposal for a NASA grant to study this work. Our part of the experiment was to provide training and exercises to test the effect of electromagnetic field energy awareness on "improving team performance" and "strengthening the human health maintenance process." Or in other words, to stimulate collective consciousness by integrating Spirit and biology!

Kryon invites us to accept the full charge of our beings. The EMF lattice is constructed of light and energy patterns that facilitate the process by "rewiring us for this new energy." For many people, this is an effective and important part of the "how to" for accepting the full charge of being. The rewiring is a graceful way of stepping up our capacity from 110-volts to 220-volts. For light facilitators, it is an invaluable addition to whatever methods they may already be using.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro


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