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How The EMF Balancing Technique� Benefits You!


The EMF training increases your "energetic sensitivity" and accelerates the personal growth process. Learning and interpreting this energetic language provides a profound and new service as it opens the door to the untapped wisdom of the human energy body in a gentle, powerful, nurturing way.

During the training, you receive a direct alignment with the energy pattern associated with each phase of the work. This powerful alignment allows the training to be completed in a short amount of time. The training continues as you practice on friends, family, or clients.

You learn how to guide and allow the subtle flow of electromagnetic energy as it helps to balance the energy patterns of the recipient as well as your own energy patterns.

To begin or enhance a career, EMF Balancing prepares you to offer four different energy sessions to clients. These sessions complement and amplify any healing modalities you are already practicing.

Each participant in the trainings will leave with an experience and a benefit that is uniquely theirs, and this is appropriate. For while we are all a piece of Spirit and part of the whole, each piece is unique unto themselves.

Another wonderful benefit of the training is that you are taught a great deal about a part of our energetic anatomy that up to this point very few people are even aware of. This new knowledge, gained from the EMF Balancing Technique� training, can help us to better understand and put into perspective many aspects of our lives.


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