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One thing that I quickly realized when I began having a deep desire to learn more about our reality, energy medicine, and spirituality in general was that there was an enormous amount of information to choose from. Much of which is quite valid. I did quickly realize, however, that many of the books basically repeated what someone else had already said, and then there were those books that just never "felt" right or "rang of truth" in my heart.

Below you will find a menu of topics of the books that I feel had the most impact on me, and truly "rang of truth". I hope you will find that they come to mean as much to you as they have to me. Below my personal recommendations you will find a complete listing of books available  for that particular topic.

Also, for your convenience, Energetic Arts has teamed up with to allow you the option of purchasing any title found here at the click of a button! If none of the titles found here speak to you, feel free to use the search box found on each of the following pages to search's vast index of titles!  Enjoy!



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Books on ReikiReikiBooks on Reiki

Books on the Energy Anatomy and Energy Work in GeneralEnergy Anatomy and Energy Work in GeneralBooks on Reiki


Channeled MaterialChanneled MaterialBooks on Reiki


Miscillaneous Books on Spiritual and Metaphysical SubjectsMiscellaneous Spiritual and Metaphysical SubjectsBooks on Reiki


Books on Crystals and Crystal HealingCrystals and Crystal HealingBooks on Reiki


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