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The Tera-Mai system of Reiki was developed by Kathleen Milner, author of "Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing" and "Tera, My Journey Home". The system evolved out of her initial training in another system of Reiki known as Raku Kei, her own understandings and beliefs, and a being of spirit whom she claims gave her 3 new/old symbols and information on how to alter the attunements she originally learned. Kathleen believes that Reiki ray is of the earth element, and teaches it as part of her full system known as Tera-Mai Seichem. This full system supposedly brings the energy of all four elements into use: Earth(Reiki), Air, Water, and Fire. I must agree that in her system the Reiki energy did seem to be very earthy, but I have not found this to be true of any other systems of Reiki. I believe it is a combination of her intent, beliefs, and her attunement methods(which are quite different from any other attunement methods I have been exposed to) that bring about the shift in the energy.

Kathleen is a firm believer that this system is the ONLY true Reiki system and that most, if not all, of the other systems in use actually close down the crown chakra. Because of this belief, she has trademarked the name of her system and put one very large restriction on it. Anyone who chooses to teach the Tera-Mai system may only teach that system. Kathleen claims that by mixing attunements, altering her attunements, or receiving additional attunements from other systems after taking her training, the student will lose the connection to the Tera-Mai source.

I have the utmost respect for Kathleen. She has done much to further the public knowledge of what Reiki is through her books and other efforts, however, I found that for myself, I could not believe nor endorse this belief by becoming a teacher of this system.


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